Upper Back Pain, Scarborough, ON

Whether you are an athlete, pregnant, elderly, or simply suffering from chronic pain, we are confident that our treatment options will help you realize that massage therapy is advantageous.

Lower Back Pain, Scarborough, ON

We offer noninvasive and natural ways to manage and resolve your lower back pain. When you choose Bellesmere Massage, we will first help determine which of our therapeutic treatments will benefit your condition the most.

We provide a diverse selection of advanced massage treatments at our Scarborough, ON clinic.

If you’re like many people, you may not realize that massage therapy can provide benefits that extend well beyond stress relief and relaxation. At Bellesmere Massage Therapy in Scarborough, Ontario, not only do we provide traditional massages, but we also provide a number of advanced massage treatments to help you overcome certain health conditions. Some of these treatments are as follows:

  • Visceral Therapy – The purpose of visceral therapy is to release and balance the thoracic, pelvic, and abdominal regions. This form of massage therapy can help with acid reflux, urinary tract infections, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s and colitis, bladder incontinence, gynecological and abdominal surgeries and a variety of other conditions.
  • Structural Integration – This type of massage therapy is designed to release fascial or connective tissue restrictions and improve and restore proper posture and mobility.  Structural Integration focuses on why the body is not moving properly and how that function can be restored.
  • Cranial therapy – This therapy involves gentle manipulation of the bones and tissues of the central nervous system (bones and tissues of the skull and spinal column). Cranial therapy is especially helpful for whiplash, concussions and spinal injuries.

As it is with beginning any therapy, prior to your advanced massage treatments, your current condition and past medical history are carefully examined by your therapist. At Bellesmere Massage Therapy, all of our registered massage therapists are properly prepared and trained to assess and develop an individualized treatment plan for you.

Contact us today to find out more about the advanced massage treatments we provide at our clinic. We look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to the many benefits associated with our advanced treatment options.