More Than Just Luxury: Prenatal Massage is Drug-Free Relief of Pain Due to Pregnancy

Prenatal MassagePregnancy is a joyous and wonderful time. However, for many women, the expectant joy of a new life can be overshadowed by constant fatigue, discomfort, backaches, acid reflux, and swollen ankles, to name a few. It’s not uncommon for a woman to book a prenatal massage in order to get a bit of pampering before her delivery. But here at Bellesmere Massage Therapy, we want you to know that prenatal massage can be more healthcare than just luxury!

Prenatal massage can assist you throughout your pregnancy, as treatment for and / or prevention of a multitude of conditions.  While certainly not all, some of the conditions massage can benefit include:

  • Relaxation. Stress is not just an emotional state.  It impacts you in numerous physical ways, and your baby feels it, too.  Regular relaxing prenatal massage sessions can be healing for both you and baby.  Prenatal massage can also help teach you how to maintain a state of relaxation during delivery, which can ease the process. 
  • Backaches.   As your baby grows, your center of gravity changes, putting strain on your back muscles and shifting your pelvis.  Regular massage can help maintain your posture, reducing the pull on muscles and joints and the associated discomfort. 
  • Numbness/Tingling.  In some circumstances, the shifts and changes in your body can cause pressure on the nerves, resulting in numbness and tingling sensations in either your feet or hands.  Prenatal massage can help reduce the pressure on these nerves and thus alleviate your symptoms.
  • Heartburn, indigestion and shortness of breath. All of these conditions can be a result of the pressure exerted on your organs and lungs by your developing baby.  Prenatal massage can help release the tension of your abdominal muscles and diaphragm, often resolving these issues.
  • Swollen feet and varicose veins.  Due to pressure on the pelvic veins, lymph vessels and increased blood flow, swollen feet are common during pregnancy.  Sometimes, sustained pelvic pressure leads to varicose veins, which can be very painful. Prenatal massage can help you by reducing this pressure and improving blood and lymph circulation, ultimately leading to better circulation for you and baby.
  • Pain relief pre- and post-partum. With a growing and developing baby, often the mother’s body is stretched and contorted, sometimes painfully. Leg pains, cramps, sciatica, or round ligament pain are all common problems, many of which can be helped through prenatal massage.  After delivery, these same massage techniques can help you with postpartum pain, too. 
  • Ease delivery and speed recovery.  Prenatal massage can help keep you flexible and pain-free, allowing you to maintain an active lifestyle.  Being active and flexible not only makes delivery easier for you, but it also helps you recover more quickly.

If you or someone you know is expecting a baby, our experienced prenatal massage therapists can help make pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable. Call us to schedule your appointment today.