Our registered massage therapists in Scarborough, ON can help you find relief from arthritis.

Arthritis, Scarborough, ONArthritis: Pain You Can Live Without!

Arthritis is an all-too-common disease; according to the Arthritis Society, it affects more than 85% of people over seventy. However, not all the pain of arthritis is from joint degeneration, nor do you have to just live with it. As it is possible to have pain without arthritis, it is also possible to have arthritis without pain. Often what we think is arthritic pain is actually muscle or soft tissue pain. Massage therapy can be very effective in relieving such discomfort.

When a joint becomes arthritic, it also affects the surrounding tissues. Muscles that cross the joint will spasm in an effort to act as a natural splint and protect the joint. These muscle spasms are often the true source of what is perceived as arthritic pain. As muscles tighten and the ligaments surrounding the joint thicken, pressure is exerted on the joint. This pressure causes decreased mobility and further increases pain, and this speeds the rate of joint degeneration.

Massage therapy can:

  • Reduce damaged tissue
  • Increase flexibility
  • Restore mobility
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Improve circulation and tissue health
  • Prevent or reduce further joint deterioration

Although massage therapy cannot repair a fused joint, it can, even in extreme cases, reduce soft tissue damage and lessen pain. A 71-year-old man came to us at Bellesmere Massage Therapy in Scarborough, Ontario with such severe arthritic damage to his fingers that even the simple task of buttoning a shirt was very difficult. Massage therapy helped to reduce tissue damage and increase mobility of his fingers, allowing him to make a fist. His dexterity improved dramatically — simple tasks became simple again.

Therapeutic massage is very different from relaxing, spa-type massage, as the focus is on correcting injured tissues and making long-term changes. When seeking treatment for arthritis or another medical condition, it is important to ensure that the therapist is registered with the College of Massage Therapy, that they specialize in therapeutic treatments and have experience in treating your type of condition.

While more and more studies show harmful side effects of long-term use of painkillers, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories, massage therapy offers relief without harmful side effects.