Our concussion management treatments in Scarborough, ON can help you overcome a head injury.

A concussion can occur when you sustain sudden trauma to your head. For example, concussions often occur due to car accidents, workplace and sports injuries, or by simply bumping your head. If you recently sustained a concussion, you may be anxious to make a full recovery and return back to your normal daily activities. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Bellesmere Massage Therapy provides concussion management services at our massage therapy clinic in Scarborough, Ontario. These services are designed to help you cope with the after-effects of your injury.

Patients with concussions often complain of persistent pain in their head and general brain fog, among other symptoms. When you take advantage of our concussion management services, we will determine which of our massage-related services can help you find relief and mitigate your discomfort. For example, you may be able to reduce the severity of your headaches by receiving regular deep tissue massages. Or, we may suggest you come into our clinic for sessions of advanced therapies, such as cranial therapy, structural integration or matrix repatterning. If you were in a motor vehicle accident, you may even benefit from visceral therapy. Your guts can suffer concussion-type injuries, as well, resulting in chronic back pain and headaches.

At Bellesmere Massage Therapy, we are committed to your comfort and recovery. Our team of registered massage therapists will do everything in their power to customize a treatment plan for you that takes into account your unique symptoms and ultimately helps you overcome the effects of your concussion.

Our concussion management services use a natural approach that can help you avoid unnecessary medication or surgeries. To find out more about how we can help you recover from a concussion or to schedule an appointment with our clinic, please give us a call today.