Whether it’s a specific problem area or just general “wear and tear”, massage should be an integral part of every senior’s healthcare strategy. Stiff joints, sore muscles, high blood pressure, arthritis and “senior’s moments” are NOT inevitabilities of getting older. A good diet and an active lifestyle combined with massage therapy can reduce pain, increase mobility, boost circulation and improve overall quality of life.

Your Bellesmere therapist will thoroughly review your health history to customize your treatment plan. Many serious conditions you may consider as only treatable with medication can be helped with massage. For example, massage helps with the circulation problems associated with high blood pressure and diabetes by improving blood flow, thus reducing swelling, strengthening blood vessels and lowering the risk of serious complications such as amputations related to diabetes.

The neurological benefits of massage can be seen in the positive results achieved helping stroke victims and sufferers of diseases such as Parkinson’s. Greater mobility, less pain, improved mood and sleep patterns are all possible with massage therapy.