We can help you overcome the effects chronic neck pain has on your daily life with our treatment options in Scarborough, ON.

Have you ever said that something or someone was “a pain in the neck”? This phrase takes on a whole new meaning if you suffer from chronic neck pain. Although something simple, like poor posture, may be contributing to your neck pain, other problems such as a pinched nerve, a degenerative disease, arthritis, or muscle strain may also result in discomfort and pain in your neck that just won’t go away.

If you are struggling with neck pain and the effects that it’s having on your daily life, reach out to us at Bellesmere Massage Therapy in Scarborough, Ontario for help. Along with relieving the actual neck pain, regular massages can keep the joints in your neck and the rest of your body limber and mobile. This can ultimately lower your blood pressure and heart rate, relieve stress, improve your flexibility and posture, and reduce your risk of future neck pain.

In addition to relaxation massages, deep tissue massages, hot stone massages, and other forms of massage that are designed to help you relax and eliminate pain, we also offer a number of different advanced massage treatment options that can help you overcome the effects of neck pain on a long-term basis. For example, for many of our patients, structural integration, a process that restores proper balance and posture to the body, has proven to be effective when dealing with neck pain and headaches.

To learn more about our massage services and how we can help resolve your neck paincontact us at Bellesmere Massage Therapy today. We would be more than happy to provide you with further information.