Whether natural or cesarean section, your body has been through a marathon.  Time to schedule a postnatal massage in Scarborough, ON.

Giving birth is traumatic on your body, even if it was “natural”.  Simply the changes your body went through during pregnancy can cause many pain syndromes.   And if surgery was involved, then there is even more for your body to recover from.  We are here to assist in your recovery.  At Bellesmere Massage Therapy in Scarborough, Ontario we provide postnatal massage for your specific needs.

We provide treatments to assist your recovery from:

    • Aches and pains due to the postural changes your body has gone through


    • Cesarean section scars that can impede the function of your pelvis, leading to hip, knee or low back issues


    • Bladder control issues, sometimes showing up many years after the delivery


    • Inflammation or swelling


    • Breast pain


    • Low back pain from back labour


    • Episiotomy scars

Whatever your discomfort may be, there is a specific technique to help you. Please contact us so that we may assist you in finding the best treatment to suit your postnatal massage therapy needs.

We realize that having a new baby makes getting enough sleep seem close to impossible. However, getting plenty of rest is necessary during the postpartum period. Receiving a postnatal massage helps to encourage your body to relax, even while you’re caring for your new baby around the clock.

When you come and see us for a postnatal massage, keep in mind that we also do infant massages. Infant massage can help babies who struggle with colic, constipation, have digestive issues, or difficulty sleeping. We can often schedule your baby’s treatment to coincide with your own.  Or schedule an instructional massage, and your therapist can teach you how to treat your baby yourself.

Take care of yourself and your baby’s needs too.  Schedule an appointment for a postnatal massage today at Bellesmere Massage Therapy. We are eager to introduce you to the many benefits of massage after giving birth and help you make a full recovery from the birthing process.