Therapeutic Massage, Scarborough, ON

Designed to alleviate a specific ache, pain or condition through the use of multiple soft tissue techniques to reduce swelling, relieve muscle tension and improve circulation.

Teen Massage, Scarborough, ON

Bellesmere Massage Therapy encourages you to schedule a teen massage at our clinic in Scarborough, Ontario to help your teenager restore proper balance to their body.

Prenatal Massage, Scarborough, ON

During labour, massage can both help relax the mother and aid in stimulating contractions. After delivery, massage can help the mother recover faster and even aid with symptoms of postpartum depression.

Infant Massage, Scarborough, ON

The calming influence of gentle massage reduces stress hormones and can soothe colicky and fussy babies and aid with digestive problems and constipation.

Child Massage, Scarborough, ON

Child massage therapy can help children and teens deal better with the physical and mental stresses of growing up, boosting their immune system and instilling healthy sleeping patterns.