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Cranial Therapy

A wide variety of neurological, structural and chronic pain conditions can be successfully treated with craniosacral therapy. Craniosacral Therapy (CST) is also referred to as cranial therapy or cranial osteopathy. The intension of CST is to rebalance the craniosacral system (the membranes that protect and support your brain and spinal cord from your head to your tailbone), by removing obstacles and assisting the body’s own self-correcting mechanisms to restore proper function. The therapist uses a light touch approach that can be described as a sensation of melting with the body to assess for any tension or restriction in the soft tissues and bones surrounding the central nervous system. Distortions are released to help maintain the cranial rhythm – healthy movement of the bones and flow of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain and spinal cord.

Stress, injuries, trauma – any negative experience causes the body to contract under the fight or flight response of the central nervous system. CST can have a profound calming and relaxation effect as it works with your body to allow it to “let go”. Clients have reported feelings of oneness or wholeness after their treatment, feeling more mentally, physically and spiritually balanced. And often with an increased level of energy. Because of its focus on the systems surrounding the head and spinal column, CST is particularly beneficial in the treatment of falls and accidents involving head, back and tailbone injuries. Any impact to the nervous system can result in a cascade of other conditions.

Some conditions that CST can effectively treat are:
• Headaches and migraines
• Brain fog / lack of focus
• Neck and back pain
• Insomnia
• Birthing traumas
• Vertigo/dizzy spells
• Stress related problems
• Chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia
• Concussions / PTSD
• TMJ / Jaw dysfunction

Craniosacral therapy maybe the “fine tuning” your body needs.