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Hot Stone

Hot Stone Massage is based in ancient traditions of healing and offers more than just a spa-like treatment. Hot Stone Massage helps to relieve tension, eases stiffness, increases circulation and metabolism with the movement of smooth, heated volcanic stones. This helps to reduce muscle guarding and holding around tight and painful areas, allowing for deeper treatment with less discomfort.

The heat of the stones increases blood flow, improving the nutrient and waste exchange, helping to detox the body – which in turn can accelerate the healing process. It further helps to calms the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response), creating general relaxation, enabling the therapist to “get into” hard to reach areas.

Different shaped stones are used to target different areas and responses. Larger flat stones are used for general smoothing and easing. While more angled stones are used for specific problem spots. Some people find the weight of the stones to create a unique and calming effect, while others may experience an energy healing effect from them. Hot Stone Massage can increase the benefits received by regular massage and is a very effective treatment for relieving both physical and mental stress.