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Pre-Natal Massage


Prenatal massage can help nurture a more balanced body that is better able to deal with the many effects that pregnancy has on the body. Prenatal massage therapy can be performed safely throughout your pregnancy by our trained therapists.

Pregnancy produces many stresses on your body, often creating discomfort and ailments that can be alleviated through prenatal massage. We provide both relaxing and therapeutic treatments to address these ailments which can include:

• Sciatica / hip pain
• Poor circulation / varicose veins
• Back pain
• Shortness of breath
• Carpal tunnel syndrome
• Leg cramps / spasms
• Joint pain / stiffness
• Edema / swelling (for a specific treatment for this condition, Manual Lymph Drainage)
• Insomnia
• Stress and Anxiety
• Breast pain (for a specific treatment for this condition, try Breast Health Therapy)
• Heartburn / indigestion / constipation

For a specific treatment for this condition, please read Visceral Therapy.

Prenatal massage can result in improved cardiovascular health and a reduction in tissue inflammation, edema / swelling and subsequently blood pressure. Massage also stimulates the lymphatic system, reducing fluid retention in soft tissue and joints. If this is a concern during your pregnancy, you may benefit from a more specialized treatment to reduce swelling, called Manual Lymph Drainage.

Prenatal massage not only helps to relieve muscle and joint pains, it can help to reduce anxiety and stress, promoting better sleep and over all wellbeing. It helps to relax your mind and body in preparation for the arrival of your new baby, which can help improve your labour and delivery experience. During labour, massage can provide calming support and help ease the pain of contractions.

While many massage professionals treat pregnancy clients lying on their side, we also use “Body Cushions” and the special “Prego Pillow”, which allows the expectant mom to lie comfortably on her stomach, even in the later stages of pregnancy.

When booking your massage, we ask which trimester you are in so that we know in advance which type of cushions to use for your treatment.

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Post-Natal Massage


Giving birth naturally or by c-section can be equally traumatic on your body. The changes your body went through during pregnancy and then the birth can cause many pain syndromes. And if surgery was involved, then there is even more for your body to recover from. Postnatal massage has many benefits to help you make a full recovery from the birthing process.

Having a new baby makes getting enough sleep challenging, however, getting plenty of rest is necessary during the postpartum period for both mental health and general healing. Postnatal massage helps to encourage your body to relax, so that you can recover, restore your vital energy and care for your new baby.

Massage Therapy is an excellent drug free treatment to help you resolve aches and pains, and restore mobility. With your postnatal needs in mind, we provide specific treatments to support your recovery:

  • ACHES AND PAINS: Brought about due to the postural changes your body has gone through, as well as new postural challenges from lifting, holding, and carrying your baby, particularly as he or she begins to gain weight. Your partner may be experiencing some of these problems too. Carrying your baby on one hip can change your center of gravity and alter your biomechanics, resulting in muscle strain, aches and pains. Massage therapy can be very helpful for this. However, if you have postural issues you would like corrected, this is a great time to receive Structural Integration. While your body still has heightened levels of the relaxing hormone, your tissues are more pliable and postural corrections are more easily made.
  • CESAREAN SECTION SCARRING: Surgical scars in the abdomen and pelvic region can cause restrictions that impede the function of your pelvis, leading to low back, hip, knee or foot issues. These functional changes often show up many years later when their connection to the scar may not be immediately obvious. If you required surgical intervention we highly recommend that you receive Scar Release Therapy to improve the flexibility of the scar and prevent possible future biomechanical changes.
  • BLADDER CONTROL ISSUES: Sometimes showing up many years after the delivery. During delivery, the baby can squeeze the bladder up against the pubic bone, creating adhesions and resulting in bladder dysfunction. Or the ligaments that support your bladder were stressed in the process. You may benefit from Visceral Therapy or Osteopathy to resolve or prevent bladder issues.
  • EDEMA/ SWELLING: Hormone changes or physical pressures (the positioning of your baby) may cause your lymphatic system to become sluggish, resulting in stiff joints and fluid retention. Postnatal massage can help improve circulation or you may want to try Manual Lymph Drainage; an advanced technique, specific for treating this issue.
  • BREAST PAIN: Breast tissue goes through some very dramatic changes throughout pregnancy and breast feeding. Breast health therapy is a very specific treatment to help you cope with any issues that may arise.
  • LOW BACK PAIN: Some women experience back labour, due to the positioning of their baby. Back labour can cause lasting pain in the low back and hips as the function of the SI joints and sacrum may have been compromised. Postnatal massage can help reduce muscle strain in the low back and pelvis to reduce further compression / restriction of these joints. If pain persists, both Cranial Therapy and Osteopathy are advanced techniques that can help with restoring proper function to your pelvis.
  • EPIDURAL PAIN: Some women can still put their finger on the spot where they received an epidural. This can be due to scarring at the injection site. Cranial therapy can impact the dural sheath around the spinal nerves and help resolve this chronic pain. Scar Release Therapy may also be able to resolve this issue.

Whatever your discomfort may be, there is a specific technique to help you. We will assist you in finding the best treatment to suit your postnatal needs.